Living on the Costa del Sol

Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere where the sun shines an average of 320 days a year, property prices are much cheaper than most other countries, siestas are part of the daily routine and the cuisine, culture and lifestyle is world-famous?

Imagine this:

It’s a Sunday morning. You wake up to the sun shining into the bedroom of your beach-front home that didn’t cost and arm and a leg like in some other countries. After a leisurely walk along the shore of the beautiful beach just two minutes away taking in the morning breeze and the sound of the waves, you settle down on your terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for a delicious breakfast of still-warm-from-the-oven bread from the bakery you passed on your way back and freshly-brewed coffee that smells heavenly, and then head out for a round or two of golf. For lunch, you pop down to the bustling beach chiringuito for an ice cold beer and a plate of seafood caught by local fishermen just that morning and then head to the golden, sandy beach to bask in the Mediterranean sunshine. Late afternoon arrives and it’s time for a relaxing siesta by the pool. Later on, you watch the sun go down and turn into a breathtaking sunset from your kitchen whilst making the new mouth-watering paella recipe you just learnt, out of fresh ingredients from the Saturday morning farmers market you visited the day before. Finally, you decide between reading a book on the terrace during this warm evening or going out and enjoying the lively night life in town.

Have we convinced you yet?

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