21 Apr 2021

Sustainable homes for HNWI’s

Thanks to social media creating awareness on the matter, in recent years there has been a large increase in sustainable building and architectural methods to help protect our planet Earth. So much so in fact that being eco-friendly is now the new fashion that even the High Net Worth Individuals of the world are catching on to.

Those who have a big property that is constantly using too much energy and contaminating the environment are slowly becoming more criticized, not just by eco groups but even by their other HNWI friends. And if they have plans to sell this property then this will also likely prove to be difficult. Sustainability is cool!

Even companies and businesses are going eco now, by introducing sustainable ways of working that not only save the planet but also money. You would be surprised how much money your business can save by not printing out every single email it receives, and even more surprised by the good publicity you could get from doing this.

The genuine concern we now have for the health of our planet is creating a growth in demand for sustainable properties, which in turn is encouraging innovation in both the architecture and building design sectors.

People want electric cars nowadays – even if a HNWI’s top priority isn’t saving the planet, as newer models of flash cars are produced they will have an increasingly hard time finding one that isn’t electric or at the least energy efficient. The same goes for properties – purchasing a new-build home that spits out black smoke from the machine room just isn’t a possibility anymore.

Most new-build properties, especially the more luxurious ones, now come with countless eco-friendly building or design methods hidden within the home, from solar panels to an open plan layout that encourages a healthy air flow whilst at the same time keeping the coolness or warmth of the house inside thanks to the double-glazed windows.

An increase in eco-consciousness has even encouraged a rise in wellness care – looking after the planet seems to make people want to look after themselves more too. More people now want their own at-home gym, pool and wellness centres as well as larger outdoor spaces to enjoy the fresh air they used to take for granted before the 2020 coronavirus lockdown.

At the end of the day, who wouldn’t say yes to a brand new, state-of-the-art home that aside from having stunningly modern architecture also makes you feel better about your carbon footprint?

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